Shift It! The Ultimate Sound Healing Experience

Over the past decade I have performed thousands of  sound healing sessions on people with ailments from minor emotional trauma, to severe and even life-threatening conditions such as AIDS, cancer, heart disease, hypertension, and autoimmune disorders. You name it, the drum has worked on it!

The thing that I have come to realize over the years is that I can only be one place at one time, therefore the gift of the drum is limited based on its ability to only be in a single location. This led me to producing several therapeutic CDs, such as Four Doors Open, Dancing Fire, Djembe Heart Meditation, and The Shaman’s Journey. These CDs have been profoundly effective as tools to conduct for you the work that I have started in person with many clients. They have proven to be a very effective support mechanism.

Now things have gone to a whole new level with Shift It!

Custom Healing Soundtracks

Let The Shift Happen!

Let The Shift Happen!

You see, the CDs that have been produced up to this time has been generic rhythms that have proven over many sessions to affect certain aspects of a person’s energy. For example, the rhythms on the track “Energy” (from Four Doors Open) are rhythms that over hundreds of sessions have proven to build people’s energy.

The powerful step that has been taken with Shift It! is that the soundtrack that I produce is not generic, it is custom built just for you!

I have produced more than 55 Shift It! soundtracks in the last 8 months and the results have been fantastic!

The Power of Sound Healing

In an article published by Hollyhock they quote a featured presenter by the name of Pam Garrand who so beautifully articulates the importance of sound healing and the longevity of this modality throughout human history:

While the healing power of music was well known and regarded as medicine for the body and soul by just about every ancient civilization from India and Africa to Europe, the Orient and the Aboriginal and Native Americans, music as a healing modality is once again beginning to gain recognition among today’s health care practitioners. Even Hippocrates, the father of medicine, used sound to restore harmony in the body, bathing his patients in sound showers comprised of frequencies geared to their specific ailment.

Music’s numerous health benefits have been documented in recent scientific studies, ranging from reduced blood pressure, increased energy, a stronger immune system and less stress to reducing the frequency of migraine headaches and relieving the effects of neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease. Researchers from Hans Jenny, who developed the field of Cymatics, visualizing sound frequencies’ effects on matter, to Dr. Masaru Emoto who studied the effects of sound on water and Dr. Alfred Tomatis who showed how high frequency sounds can affect the brain and may even create new neurological connections, have demonstrated music’s powerful affects on the human body and soul.

Therapeutic Effects of Drumming

The therapeutic effects of sound and music are a natural and innate part of our being. From a mother’s first song to her unborn baby to the therapeutic effects of a good cry, to the eerie spine-tingling sensation of fingernails scratched over a blackboard, sound affects our physical and psychological state automatically.

–, a company specializing in vocal analysis and low frequency sound therapy.

Powerful Drumming Group

The effects of group drumming have been shown to improve participants’ health.

In addition to alternative practitioners, many physicians in the allopathic medical community are finding sound to be quite a powerful tool as well. In his book The Healing Power of Sound, Dr. Mitchell L. Gaynor, M.D. explains his use of rhythm and vocalizing to help treat his cancer patients. In addition to this, Barry Bittman M.D. published an amazing study on therapeutic drumming. This statement was published in Alternative Therapies, January 2001, Volume 7, Number 1:

The composite group-drumming music therapy intervention resulted in increased DHEA-to-cortisol ratios in the experimental group compared to the control group. NK cell activity was elevated by group drumming, as was (IL-2 and IFN-γ) LAK cell activity. Thus, group drumming elevated an important ratio of immunomodulatory adrenal steroids (DHEA-to-cortisol), NK cell activity, and LAK cell activity, immunologic markers of innate and cell-mediated immunity, compared with controls, in whom these neuroendocrine and immunologic measures were not altered.

Time to Shift It!

Toby Giving Thumbs Up

Try your own Shift It! today!

I am finding it a delightful and complementary relationship between science and the healing power of sound. As I looked deeper into theoretical physics, energy medicine, research hospitals, and psychiatric wards, I see the power of sound at work in the mainstream.

Try it for yourself! Here is a short Shift It! track for you to try out. I encourage you to listen to it as much as you would like. I have found that the more people listen to their soundtracks, the more potent, powerful, and effective it is. Let your mind and body relax as you listen to it and feel where it affects you. Let the sound shift you.

When you are ready for your own personal 30 minute soundtrack, get in touch with me and I will make one just for you!

Listen here to an awesome Shift It! Sample!

      1. Shift It! Sample

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