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Lookin' Up with Jerry Trimble and Toby ChristensenI decided to have some fun with my new album. I will post a story about each song every Friday and drop in a sample for you to listen to. Todays song is Lookin Up If you like the song, please download the album! Thanks for your support.

Lookin Up Even When Your Down

I’m lookin up, even when I’m down. Got my head in the clouds and my feet on the ground.

This song was inspired by my friend Jerry Trimble.

You see, Jerry was a victim of bullying when he was a kid. He realized that he had an option. #1 he could cry and complain that life is not fair and blame his life challenges on the bully or, #2 he could become a world champion Kick Boxer, an actor and Hollywood stuntman.

Jerry Chose #2

Amps for Lookin UpAccording to his bio, Jerry has been in over fifty-five feature films and TV shows that include “Heat”, (playing alongside Al Pacino) “Charlie’s Angels” Green Hornet, more recent roles include, Chesapeake Shores, The Flash, iZombie, Supernatural and others.

Jerry has also been inducted into the Kick Boxing Hall Of Fame! WOW!

Keep Lookin Up

Jerry also travels around the country speaking in schools, prisons, detention centers and to youth organizations inspiring kids to keep a positive attitude and find their greatness. This song was inspired by a speech I heard Jerry give.

You can CLICK HERE > Album Download if you like the tune.


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