How To Make A Bad Decision A Good Lesson

How To Make A Bad Decision A Good LessonMake A Bad Decision A Good Lesson

It is easy to get into the bad habit of beating yourself up. To prevent this, you must learn how to Make A Bad Decision A Good Lesson! We are in a constant state of flow. Situations come and go. Most of all, our viewpoints and perceptions change. All the time.

All Decisions Are Based On Current Knowledge

As we grow and evolve we develop different perceptions. We add to our understanding and experience tempers us. Decisions that seem good at one time don’t make sense when you add some new experience.

I’m going to propose that you have a big choice to make at this juncture of the book/workshop: Are you going to allow your past choices to be an anchor that holds you back or are you going to use them as fuel to propel you forward in victory? This is one of the biggest and most important choices you will ever make in your life. If you move forward and release the shit that has been holding you back, you will be free. You will be self-empowered and unstoppable! Release guilt, shame, despair, and defeat, and put it on the fire of success that burns in your heart, and it will be used as fuel so you burn more brightly. You will live more passionately, and connect more completely to your life’s purpose. You will have an amazing life as you move forward.

Decisions That Seem Good At The Time So Make A Bad Decision A Good Lesson

Toby Talking Story Own Your Genius Make A Bad Decision A Good LessonYou are at a sales meeting and after about three cocktails you notice a fine young things staring at you from a nearby table. She catches your eye and motions for you to come to the table. She too has had a few and makes it clear she would like some company. Seems like a good idea at the time. The evening goes off without a hitch. Most of all, you are happy there was no drama. Because, do to the fact she works for a division of your company it would suck if it went bad. As a result, you go to the meeting and go about your day. First of all the texts start. Then your friends seem to know what happened. Seems like there is a leak in the information boat. As a result  the rest of the day is filled with tension.

Gaining Knowledge Changes Perspective

Now you realize you have connected to a drama queenFurthermore she is a drama queen that tells EVERY BODY  whats up. This SUCKS!

Then there are things with less consequence. Maybe having that 3rd helping of food at breakfast. This is a little thing that has a low consequence factor. The bottom line it that there are big things and little things and the more of these things we can take care of the smoother and less stressful life will be. So look at your life, learn from your decisions. Make a bad decision a good lesson.


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