Ritual and Renewal: How to Live Your True Nature

Natural SettingNature carries the energy of magic transformation. It is about authenticity and living your “true nature.” This ritual is one of reflection, of going deep into your soul to discover more clearly who you really are. What is your authentic dream? Is what you’re doing right now in your life the thing that really suits you? Is the vocation that you currently invest thousands of hours a year in, in alignment with your true self? The answer I’m getting most of the time as I ask these questions is something like, “Hell no!”

Well, if that’s your answer this is the moment to change your life!

Energy of Magic and Transformation

This ritual involves connecting to nature and asking the spirits of nature to help us align with our true self. The ritual goes like this:

Take an object—or several objects—that represent the parts of yourself, your life, or your work that are not in alignment with your true nature. Take these objects to a place in nature and burry them at the base of a tree. As you do, call upon the spirits of nature, as they have the energy of magic and transformation to transform what these objects represent into the energy that is truly in alignment with you.

When you go back to your home, build a small altar to nature. This is comprised of a green cloth, some greenery—whether this is flowers you purchase at the store, or flowers to pick from your garden, or greenery from the trees around you, is that things that represent nature to you—and a few green candles. The shrine is “opened” by lighting the candles, and “closed” by blowing them out.

Ritual to Honor Your True Nature

Once your nature shrine is built, place some items on it that represent what you believe to be your true nature. Ask the spirits of nature to feed these aspects of your life and create the synchronicities to occur “effortlessly and delightfully” for you to come in to your true nature in all aspects of your life.

DrumEach day of the month place a small glass of water on the shrine. This is important, as water feeds nature. Each morning, spend time at your shrine asking for your true nature to be supported. Pour the water from the previous day into a plant or at the base of a tree. Refill the glass, offer it to the shrine, and renew your commitment to honoring your true nature!

When I started this path I am on, I owned some coffee bars and a restaurant. I never dreamed I could do this work full-time. Through training, persistence, and following some suggestions from those who had done it before, I was able to let go of the job that was sucking the life out of me and step into doing what I love!

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