Blues in the Basement, Part II

Terry and Toby

Terry Kingen and Toy Christensen in Hawaii

It was so fun watching Guy and Terry jam on those old dusty acoustic guitars. We started teasing Guy about how he emulates Jimi Hendrix so well and how I want to learn how to play the Guy Johnson “Monkey Finger” lead guitar. Guy informed us that for him to really cut loose would require the electric guitars. So he broke his Stratocaster out of the case and handed Terry a beautiful Gibson SG, and the following video emerged.

Although Guy’s voice is completely trashed, you will get the Jimi Hendrix-like flair that he has. And Terry’s no slouch either! This particular kind of music is not his preferred style. In the future, I will post some videos of Terry playing his rockabilly music ,which is his featured spotlight!

We have this fantasy looming in the world of “possibilities”: that I will move to Seattle and we will start a blues band. Who knows?

Here is the video that occurred when the acoustic guitars got put away and we turned on the amplifiers and pulled out the electric guitars.

As you watch the video, you’ll notice that in the middle of a guitar solo, Guy decides he needs to adjust his amplifier. So while playing the guitar one-handed, he gets up out of his chair walks over to the amp, and never missing a lick, makes the adjustment and comes back and sits down just in time to sing the next phrase of the song. You’ll notice towards the end of the video that he does it again standing and moving over to adjust Terry’s amplifier.

Everyone Has a Light to Shine on The World

Guy Johnson at the end of a long gig

Guy Johnson

I really want to drive home the point that any time we create an environment of joy, celebration, encouragement, and support, we are shining a light in the world. I would love to have all of my friends gathered in this basement on this night to feel the magic that was flowing in the air. It didn’t matter that we were not in front of a crowd. It only mattered that we were together: friends sharing who we were (and are) at our core, being with each other. This brought such joy and happiness to each of us, I continue to lie in the beauty and powerful energy of that evening.

So shine your light! Let the world hear you, whether it’s in your shower, your basement, or in your car. Sing, dance, play an instrument, drum, be poetic . . . Whatever it is that brings joy to your heart, take time each day to do it. Share it where ever you can, and realize that it is bringing the energy to the world. That is the important part, not how many people see or hear us.

Begin to create vortexes of joy everywhere you go, and please share your stories.

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