Guy Johnson Shines His Light in the World

Toby and Guy Hanging Out

Toby and Guy Hanging Out After a Gig

In previous postings I’ve talked about the amazing joy that I have experienced reuniting with some old childhood friends with whom I used to play music. One of these friends is Guy Johnson. On my last trip to Seattle, I was able to spend quite a bit of time with Guy. He is a kindhearted person who takes good care of his family, works hard, and is one amazing guitar player! On a video posted at my website I show a video of Terry King, Guy Johnson and I in Guy’s basement, jamming on acoustic guitars and having an amazing time.

This kind of joy of spontaneous music is what has been such a wonderful element throughout my life. It occurred to me that afternoon that joy, connection, and creativity is not just a good thing when it is presented on a stage or before a large group of people. I thought driving home from that afternoon that if this was the last experience that I had in my life, it would be a great one.

Shining Your Light in Public or with Friends is all Good

The night after our informal basement jam, Guy was performing at a benefit concert to help a friend raise money for medical bills. The video below is one of my favorite songs of Guy’s. He has an uncanny ability to channel Jimi Hendrix—he has since he was about nine years old. It was so interesting to watch Guy as a young child listen to Hendrix play, pick up an old Stratocaster, and play note-for-note what he heard Jimi playing. Well, some things never change. Guy, in this video, shows his amazing talent and doing it for the good of the community that he is part of.

Spontaneous Footage

I was sitting at a table in the restaurant where the fundraiser was being held, and Guy begin the first few notes. I knew the song he was going to play and fired up my iPhone. Although it is not a professional film quality, I think you get the idea of how amazing it is to be in the presence of this gifted musician. You’ll notice that at one part of his solo in the middle of the song, he goes out into the audience where he plays his guitar with his teeth, a spoon from the table, and some mysterious object handed to him by one of the men at the table. Either way, Guy Johnson is a consummate performer and amazing entertainer. He knows how to win the hearts of the people he plays for.

Whether it is in the basement playing an old beat-up acoustic guitar, or on stage with a crowd of people, Guy always comes from the heart. It is my pleasure to share with you this video of my good friend. Please check out other videos of Guy Johnson on YouTube and, of course, at

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