Fire Ritual to Bring Your Dreams to Reality

There is always something you can do to change your life, to bring about the life you’ve always wanted. I’ve found following rituals central to the West African culture to be quite powerful in bringing about change. These rituals can help you realize how to bring your dreams to fruition and how to live by your intentions.

Transformative Change with a Fire Ritual

The second ritual for renewal I will talk about relates to the element of fire. The ritual is as follows:

Write down 10 things that you would like to see happen over the next year year. You can put them in consecutive order-like what you’d like to see for this month, then next month, and so on. But that’s not completely necessary, for many of the things that you want to achieve may not have this particular kind of sequence.

As you write them down, feel into them. Feel what it’s like when these things come to fruition. Feel the joy of accomplishment. Feel the joy and satisfaction of creation.

Fire and DrumSit with this list for three days. At the end of three days, build a small fire. For those of you who live in cold climates—like my maiden Park City where it was -3° this morning—you can build your fire in your fireplace. For those of you who have the ability to create an outdoor fire, build one somewhere where you can be alone.

Once your fire is going, sit with your list while feeling that each one of your dreams and desires are being actualized. Call in the help of the ancestors, spirit guides, angels, and all of the otherworldly beings working on your behalf. Ask these beings to create the synchronicities to effortlessly and delightfully have these things manifest in your life. As you do this, gently place the list in the fire. Ask the element of fire to light the path for your actions that will help to create these things in your life. Watch the paper burn until it is completely consumed by the fire.

Manifesting Your Dreams

Sit for a few moments and enter a period of reflection while you watch the fire burn. Be sure to ask yourself, “What is the first thing I need to do or to take action on in order make these things come into being?”

Now you can begin your journey having the element of fire to light your path while bringing new vision and a deeper connection to the spirit world—which is rallying on your behalf to fulfill the things you wrote on your list.

Be aware that over time some of the things on your list will become less important than they might be the day you do the ritual. Also, new vision may come. Part of connecting to the element of fire is a renewal of vision. Be aware! Let your vision grow and expand.

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