Coaching Tip Of The Day – Super Powers

What Do You Want To Leave With Everyone You Work With?

Your super powers are the energies you leave with each person you work with.

Most people are unaware of these great gifts. When we are aware and intentional with the use of them our efficacy improves dramatically.

The impact you have on the world is directly related to your intention. By knowing what impact you want to have, the clarity of your mission increases.

Hope, Freedom and Fulfillment

These are the three things I want to impart on everyone I work with.

Hope that your dreams can and will come true. Hope in your abilities to achieve your desired outcomes. Hope for the future!

Freedom from the mistakes of your past, Freedom to shine your true self, and freedom to become what ever you put your intention towards.

Fulfillment of your dreams, desires and ambitions. Accomplishment of the material manifestations of your greatest desires!

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