Coaching Tip Of The Day – Shifting Your Mind

Shifting Your Mind Is Key To Productivity

If you want maximum motivation, inspiration and problem solving skills, shifting your mind is an important skill.

The place we all get stuck is in our thinking. Our thinking controls our emotions and or emotions are the fuel to our success.

In Business And Life Your Mind Is Your Biggest Ally or Adversary

As a coach, when I am in the midst of a coaching session and I realize my client is miles way I realize they need to shift their mind.

Concentration and awareness are the keys to success. To optimize productivity you must know the shifting of the mind.

It just requires you to pay attention to where you are and what you are tingling of.

When a distraction comes, you don’t have to take the bait… just shift back to what is important.

Sometimes A Shift Is A Micro Adjustment

A shift is not always a BIG deal. sometimes a slight micro move is all it takes to change your entire day or situation.

It is overwhelming to think about your end result as the next destination so just think about your next step.

A journey of 1,000 miles starts with the first step.


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