MOVE into the Magic Elite Coaching

Strategies In Action – Consulting For Results

Six Months Of Intense Work And Progress

Are you done with feeling stuck, unproductive and ineffective? Are you in it to go the distance? Ready to have someone who’s got your back?

I am so proud of my coaching clients, the courage they show is amazing and it thrills me to see them achieve their desired outcomes so quickly!

This program is a 6 month commitment. The reason is because it takes time to eradicate old patterns and create new ones.

This coaching experience will not only support you in moving you towards your desired outcomes now, it will create a template that can be utilized for many future endeavors to support your success for years to come.

As we work you will be provided with outlines for marketing, scripts for producing your own videos, sales and marketing strategies as well as mountains of personal development material. This will help you obtain and sustain the success we will achieve together.

Your business is only and solid as you are. By working on you and helping you step into your greatness we bring power and success to your business.

Strategies In Action – Consulting For Results


Here is what some of Toby’s clients have to say:

I have been participating in Toby Christensen’s MOVE into the Magic Elite Coaching Program (aka: Strategies In Action) for almost a year now.  The results of our work together have been nothing short of remarkable. I have a healing practice here in Chicago. With the strategies that Toby has helped me develop I have put in place a strong and solid marketing plan; I have a beautiful website and a dedicated FaceBook page.Since the beginning, my desired goals have been always been reached on or before schedule. Within the first month or two my practice was bringing in enough money to pay for Tier One Coaching and then some. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to grow their business, solidify both their professional and personal strategies and work with a great coach! —Martin J. Munroe, Ph.D., Chicago, USA

I can’t say enough good about my experience with Toby.   I learned that to be successful, you must first have a positive attitude.  Toby and the”Shift It” soundtracks are awesome.   I listen to them daily to help get my mind right. Toby’s personal and business consulting really helped me get out of my rutt.   Starting with getting myself organized and scheduling my days. He also taught me great business practices and helped with strategies and marketing plans.  I would highly recommend working with Toby if you are looking to take your business to the next level.  —Erik Murphy, Cincinnati, Ohio USA

“My life is easier and more fun by the day, and my experiences and feelings are becoming richer, deeper, and more powerful. I am more alive than I’ve ever been, and I thank you for all you’ve done in helping me get to this wonderful place…and this is just the beginning!” — Pam in Miami, Florida USA


Program Cost: $6,000

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