Coaching Tip Of The Day – Be Primitive & Soulful

Come From The Heart Be Primitive

Be primitive! So many of us are taught to come from the mind, to look at the facts and logically figure things out. In my coaching program and consulting work my job is to bring solutions to people and companies. To promote teamwork  and productivity. Problem solving is the key and it does not always happen from the mind. Primitive instinct is sometimes the factor that brings congruence to your life and work. When you hear a technical guitar player you hear all the right notes. When you hear Eric Clapton, you hear soulful inspiration.

Birthing A New Vision Is Like Birthing A Baby

Birthing is sometimes messy business. It transcends the mind and is all about the heart.

Check out this video and let me know what you think. my website is all about positive disruption.

Check out this video and check out the site. If you need some positive disruption shoot me an email and lets get you moving towards your dreams!



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