Coaching Tip Of The Day – Prepare For Resistance

Prepare For Resistance It Will Always Show Up

This is one of the most pervasive difficulties I finds with people at all levels of achievement.

No matter how well you plan or how hard you work, it is like a phantom in the dark, out of nowhere resistance appears!

It really sucks. It is like downing some fresh juice only to find, instead of sweet refreshing coolness all you last is bitterness and YUCK!

Resistance Is Powerful And Persuasive

If you are prepared and know how to spot it, you will not be detoured by it. Your business will have success because you are ready.

When resistance brings you the inspiration to watch TV, or kills your motivation and makes you want to take a nap, JUST SAY NO!

Once you learn its tricks you will not get sidelined by it.

Energetic Transformation

resistance has a slowing, distracting energy. When you learn how to transform your energy you are in the clear!

I use music. Several times a day I feel the lull of the couch or the TV. I grab a guitar to a drum and make some music. I change up the vibration of my mind, body and environment.

Energetic transformation is like kryptonite to resistance. Learn how to shift your energy.

Check out my sound therapy site there are some great soundtracks that can really help with this.


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