Coaching Tip Of The Day – How Do You Plan Your Day?

Do You Plan Your Day?

The best way to master productivity is plan your day. Most people I have encountered in my business coaching work have a hard time with this issue. It is not so much with the planning but the prioritizing that really gets in the way of success and productivity. As a coach it is my job to help my clients maintain a high level of motivation and inspiration to find solutions and problem solving techniques for their life and business. So here are some things to consider.

Prioritize A,B & C Tasks

In my M.O.V.E. program I give my clients a daily prioritized task worksheet. I encourage them to print one out everyday and stick to it! A –  priorities get done first and MUST be completed before you go to sleep. B – priorities come next, they are important but not critical. And the C – priorities are in the queue. If you get to them you have had a KICK ASS DAY! Otherwise they work their way up the priority ladder or get delegated.

Overdriving Causes Gridlock

Don’t overdrive your day. This only causes frustration and depression and gets you pissed off at yourself. Even though you might be at times, you are NOT super human. You do need to sleep and sometimes a task delayed is the best thing you can do. Check out this video and if you need some help CLICK HERE to check out M.O.V.E. This program has been very helpful to get people on track. Many of the participants have enrolled in my 6 Month coaching program, most of whom have worked with me for a year or more to get them on the path to success.


If this video strikes a chord, get in touch with me: CLICK HERE lets have a conversation and see how I can help you.

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