Coaching Tip Of The Day – Are You Moving In The Right Direction?

In What Direction Are You Moving?

If you have a destination for your business and life it is very important to be moving in the right direction.

If you are going to determine your direction you first need to establish 2 things:

  1. Your starting point. Where are you now
  2. Your Ending point. (i.e. your destination)

Without these it is pointless to go any further. It might seem funny but you would be shocked at how delusional some people are. They have no idea off where they are. They are blind to the fact of either being in a whole so deep they can’t see out or, they are so close to a breakthrough but can’t see it.

For Business & Life Coaching Can Help

To help you find your direction finding a good coach can help you find clarity, inspiration, motivation. Good coach will help you connect with the innovation to find success, methods of problem solving and ways to increase your productivity. when you are looking to increase your productivity it helps to have another perspective. But, you have to be open and able to receive direction.

Here is a video about a potential client I decided I could not work with. They had no clarity, they had 10 ideas and no focus. Most importantly, they would not listen!

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