Coaching Tip Of The Day – Pick Yourself To Be The Super Star

Are You A Super Star?

Some people wait to be discovered as the next super star. Whether in business, or your personal life motivation to be seen can be the inspiration of getting out there.

As I coach people, especially in my M.O.V.E. coaching program I see people waiting to be discovered.

Thank You David Martin

My friend David Martin sent me a piece the other day that really brought me motivation. It was about picking yourself to be the star! Don’t wait for some one to notice you, notice yourself now!

Solutions come when you use innovation and problem solving to break through and be seen because of the great things you are doing!

I see this allot in team building sessions. The people who decide they are going to be the ones that initiate productivity and positive morale are the ones that shine!

Be Your Own Super Star

When you decide to shine the world will see you. When you allow others to shine you will too!

So pick you!

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