Coaching Tip Of The Day – Don’t Lie To Your Customers

Coaching Tip For Today: Be Straight With Your Customers

Here Is a tip, Don’t tell your customers it is free if it costs their email address. Your email address is a price and a valuable one at that. It gives people permission to interrupt you.

If you say, “Click Here to download my new CD, don’t have a landing page that makes them give you their email. Give them the download link!

If you are building your list, say so.

“I’ll Trade You My Product For Your Email Address”

Now we are on the right track. I will happily give my address if I am interested in a product or service. But I feel tricked and deceived when the cost is not clear.

If you are straight with your customers, they will be straight with you! You will sell more and have greater rapport with them.

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