Coaching Tip Of The Day – Passion

Do You Have Passion For Your Life And Work?

If you have passion, you can overcome problems and encourage inspiration and problem solving.

This unstoppable force can create success even when there appears to be no path in that direction.

As a coach, I am often called to do team building work. I always look for the people in the team with passion.

They are the key to success and inspiration. They are the ones that can take the most ridiculous idea and turn it into a gold mine.

Passion Promotes Productivity!

My sister is an amazing genius. She comes up with more good ideas than anyone I know. Sometimes I think they are not in her best interest.

If I were her coach I would advise something else, BUT her passion creates a force that is indestructible!

Knowing who you are and what you want is the most important thing. Being focussed on your desired outcome and a clear vision of what that looks and feels like it the most important thing.

Having a plan with deep and powerful emotion behind it is an unstoppable force that can create anything.

What You Really Believe Is What Will Happen

Your truth is the driving force behind all that you do. Find your truth and fuel it with unstoppable positivity !

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