Coaching Tip Of The Day – How Your Greatness Is Tested

How Do You Find Your Greatness?

Your greatness is never tested in still water.

When the water is still and everything is going your way it does not expose your greatness. Anyone can look good and succeed when the going is easy.

Your greatness is tested when the shit hits the fan and chaos is reigning hell upon you.

What Separates The Winners From The Losers?

The ability to overcome adversity separates the winners form the losers. Some people give up when it gets hard, others up their game.

Which one are you?

When the going gets tough, some people dig deep for motivation, inspiration and innovation. Others quit.

When the world starts to crumble some se disaster, others see change and opportunity.

Next Time things get hard, step up your game… you are being tested

Next time your dreams shatter, create new ones…you are being tested

Next time you are treated unfairly, even the score…you are being tested

Next time you feel down, pick yourself up and move to your GREATNESS!

Keep Going

The key to it all is keep going. You never know what will become of proactive inspiration but you always know what will happen if you quit.



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