Coaching Tip Of The Day – The Eye Cannot See The Eye

You Cannot Look Directly Into Your Own Eye

Because you cannot see into your own eye, you cannot actually see yourself how you really are. You can see a reflection of who you are in a mirror but you cannot look yourself in the eyes and see the real you.

This is why we need a coach, mentor or helping friend. Someone who can see us and be honest about what they see.

Coaching Is A Reflection

When I coach someone I am reflecting back to them what I see. If they pay attention they can learn allot about themselves.

With intention they can make adjustments, adaptations and enhancements to accelerate their success and change.

Solutions come when we can identify the problems and enact a problem solving innovation to the situation. The result is your desired success!

The I Cannot See The I

We can learn so much about ourselves by looking at our life. Who we have around us, the things we like to do and the situations we attract.

The reflection of the world is important and it is important to get a coach or mentor you admire and trust.

It will change your world.


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