Coaching Tip Of The Day – What Is Your Gift?

Do You Realize You Have A Gift?

As a coach, it is my job to help people find their gift. It seems funny to say and maybe a little Kumbaya, but it is true. You bring something unique to the table that sets you apart from anyone else. You bring inspiration and motivation to proper in a way only you can. When I am coaching people and we get into a problem solving situation this is when the gift shines!

Innovation Is Inspired By Your Gift

If you do things the way they are already done there is no innovation or creativity. If you want to create solutions and achieve success, find your gift!

Sometimes it is obvious. You realize you can do things easily that others struggle with. Sometimes things just come naturally to you that make an impact in the world. Other times people comment on things about you and this is what makes you aware that there is something special that you bring to the table.

Team Building… is bringing your special ability with those on your team

When I do team building seminars, I look for the special spark in a person and match them up with a complimentary group so that everyone shines!

This increases productivity and boosts morale. So… what is your gift? If you need some help finding it go to my blog section at and check out M.O.V.E. this is a great first step!

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