Coaching Tip Of The Day – Be The Authentic You!

Are You The Authentic You Or A Version Of Someone You Admire?

Being authentic is more challenging than you might think. It takes time to discover the TRUE you. It takes honesty and sometimes in our busy world it takes slowing down long enough to catch up to yourself!

My teacher and friend Malidoma Some` always says that we all have a genius, a way that we shine in the world that is our true self. To find this in the tribal context requires ritual and initiation. In the west we don’t have these things so it is not as easy to connect to your authentic self.

Who Do You Copy?

Most people as they start their business or launch their marketing programs simply copy or more PC, model, those they learn from. It is easy to spot those who have studied with Brendon Burchard or Jeff Walker. When one is doing a video you can see who watches Seth Godin or Tony Robbins.

That Spot Is Filled!

The thing is, when you copy someone who is already out there you don’t stand out. You don’t make an impact!

The way to kick ass and shine is to get out there and be YOU!

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