Coaching Series Month Two Video #2 Status By Impact

How Do You Make An Impact In The World?

We all make an impact in the world to one degree or another. My question is do you do it intentionally or unintentionally?

Status by impact is the most powerful way to gain status and the most powerful.

Farmer Bill Has Status!

What does it look like to have status? An exotic car, a big house, jet airplane?

Looks can be deceiving, status is all about influence and making a statement of power in alignment with your core values.

Sometimes great things come in unsuspecting forms. In the video you will see how a farmer in Eastern Washington State made a huge impact.

What would you do if a farmer in dirty coveralls came walking into your office? With dirty boot as well! What if he had a check for $2 million in the pocket of those coveralls? Never judge a book by its cover!

How Are You Going To Leave Your Mark?

In this video we see how Bill leaves a big mark by donating a ton of money to the university. This is only one way to make a mark. What are the ways you will leave a mark in this world?

If you would like to work on ways to leave an impact > CLICK HERE to contact me

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