Coaching Series Month 5 Video #2 Are You For Or Against?

Are You For Or Against?

For Or Against? This might seem like an odd question. Its actually very important to answer.

When you are against something the theme of your response is usually combative and demeaning.

When you are for something the response is inviting and uniting.

Against Requires Criticism and Judgment

It is easier to tear something down than it is to build it.

Building takes creativity and innovation and inspiration.

Being against something only requires criticism and judgment.

Being For Something Requires Courage and Vulnerability

When you are creating something of value, it is an expression of your core values and is also normally connected to ones beliefs and mission.

This is what makes it so powerful and vulnerable.

We work on these things in the GeniusLab Sessions

When you are connected to core values and expressing your beliefs it generates power. Being clear on these things it critical to success


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