Building Resilience In The GeniusLab With Toby Christensen

Building ResilienceBuilding Resilience with Toby Christensen

Building resilience is a “must”do these days. When I looked up the definition of resilience I liked this description the best. “The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.” This is the reason it is so important to build resilience. We live in a world of change and challenge. When you are resilient you adapt well in the face of adversity, tragedy, trauma, threats, or significant sources of stress.

5 Tips To Building Resilience

  1. Build Good Relationships
  2. Focus On Wellness
  3. Find Purpose
  4. Own Your Mind
  5. Embrace Change

Keep Lookin Up

Having a positive attitude and positive focus is one of the most powerful things you can do to build resilience. In this GeniusLab podcast, I go deep into the 5 tips and give some tools you can use to overcome adversity and come out strong when life tries to get you down.

Here Is The GeniusLab Podcast

If you need help or some coaching through the exercises I talk about in this podcast feel free to contact me at

This process can be a bit overwhelming so take it slow and easy. There is a multitude of free lessons on this website. Check out the offerings and read the blogs.

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