Amazing Reunion – Malidoma Some’

The story I am about to convey is a story I never dreamed would actually happen, although I have asked for the Ancestors to make it so for many years. There is a man that I met in early recovery, 1992 to be exact, who through his wisdom, kindness, and understanding saved my life. He showed me how to find my place in the world and how to see things from a completely different perspective. Although his skin is a different color than mine, he refers to me as his brother. I had the pleasure to visit his village in West Africa and meet his mother and father. I was named “The African stuck in the white skin” by his elders and participated in many rituals and ceremonies with his tribe.

I will be forever grateful for Malidoma Some’. As students with their teachers and family members often do, Malidoma and I fell out of communication. I longed for him often, and remembered the gifts he had given me: the very gift that I bring to the world. You see, Malidoma is the one who introduced me to the Djembe, the Healing Drum.

So here is what happened. I was on my way to Hawaii last month and had a layover in San Francisco. A friend of mine was having a reading with Malidoma that day. It is an interesting “coincidence” that although he lives in Florida and I live in Utah, we were both in San Francisco on the same day. I agreed to meet my friend at the hotel where they were meeting Malidoma, never imagining it would be possible to see my long lost friend. It was a very odd feeling to know that we would be in such close proximity. Well, without boring you with the details, while on the way to meet up with my friend, my phone rang.

“Room 117,” said my friend.
“What?” I replied.
“Come to room 117. Malidoma wants to see you!”

At that moment, the capacity of my heart could not contain the joy flowing in and my eyes began to pour with tears of joy. As I entered the hotel, my heart was racing. As I approached the door I realized that only a few inches away was the fulfillment of a dream. Malidoma opened the door and we fell into each others arms, greeting one another as though time had never passed.

My heart sings with joy for the reconnection with my soul brother. Here is a video that sums up what I have learned from my African brother. I am so thankful for our AMAZING REUNION!!

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4 Responses to “Amazing Reunion – Malidoma Some’”

  1. Ellen February 17, 2010 at 8:52 pm #

    Thanks for sharing Toby, it is really beautiful to read and feel your joy.

    I believe that you have an amazing journey ahead of you from this point, as well as a lot more to give and be given. 🙂

    Much love~

  2. Lillith February 22, 2010 at 4:10 pm #

    This is such a beautiful manifesting of a dream! You so deserve this re connection or closure to what transpired between you both. My heart is full of emotion knowing how very much this ment to you! It is the time for these tying of loose ends as the shifts are coming faster and faster! I wish you much joy, happiness and contentment in the journey. And that there comes a day when you can look back without regret and only be filled with love, and happiness and be surrounded with it as well. Blessing dear love.

  3. Corrina February 23, 2010 at 9:24 am #

    My heart sings with joy for you my sweet friend!! How fabulously divine indeed………….

    Much love and light

  4. Lisa August 13, 2010 at 12:24 am #

    Dearest Toby, your deep joy from experiencing this re-connection with Malidoma is palpable and a beautiful resonance spread forth throughout this human existence. I have just finished Malidoma’s book “Of Water and Spirit” and am holding a sacred space for the workshop in the DC area in the spring.

    Your work with me has been amazing and I have all the ancestors and living teachers to be grateful with.

    In gratitude,

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