What You Focus On You Feed: Part II

What You Focus On You Feed

Okay, now that you have your mind focused and working, it’s time to go to the next level: ignoring appearances.

You see, one of the biggest ways that we get tripped up or convinced that things are not changing is by relying too much on appearances. Just because something looks a certain way, does not mean that it is that way.

A great example of this is demonstrated by the great illusionist David Copperfield. He on several occasions has shown us through observation that the Statue of Liberty can disappear. Does it actually disappear? Of course not! It’s there all the time. It’s just the illusion that’s created, preventing our minds from perceiving it. Life is often this way!

The Truth

Your job is to think of the truth regardless of appearances. The truth is the creative thought that you have set your mind on. The illusion is the appearance that it is not happening.

Here is a quote from a book written in 1910:

Sometimes the truth is contrary to appearances. Sometimes appearances influences what we think however it is a far more worthy endeavour to hold fast to the truth of what you are creating and have the appearances shift. The hardest work in the world is sustained and consecutive thought.

The statement that stands out the most to me, and surprises me, is, “The hardest work in the world is sustained and consecutive thought.” I really thought I was the only one that suffered from this malady!

Shift It! Focus Thought

One of the things that I have found extremely helpful in overcoming this particular malady is listening to my Shift It! the soundtrack while I am focusing on my creation. As the music plays, it seems to focus my mind more and put it in a relaxed state for better concentration.

The other aspect of this, of course, is also realizing that the energy that I hold and carry is shifting as a result of the soundtrack. Then, of course, I realized that part of creation, or lack of it, has to do with the energy that we carry — whether through ancestral imprints, current circumstances, current environment, or past trauma. If we focus on and shift energy simultaneously it radically increases the creation process.

That said, I have provided a soundtrack for you to try. This is a small segment from a 30 minute Shift It! soundtrack I created for myself. As you go through the steps laid out in my previous posting, What You Focus On You Feed, listen to this soundtrack, and see if you find it easier to focus your mind and concentrate. You may want to listen to it several times a day as you refocus your thoughts after being distracted by appearances that may discourage or disempower you.

Listen here to Shift It! Focus Thought

      1. Shift It! Focus Thought

I recommend that you sit quietly while you listen to this and focus your thoughts. Think only of your desired creation and let the sound energy from this track shift and change the energy and patterns. It works on energy and patterns that you are aware of, and most importantly, the ones you are not!

Enjoy your creating! Let me know how it goes.

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