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Toby Christensen singing Angel With Long Black Hair

Understanding Sound: Part 1

Understanding Sound: Part 1 For most of us, sound is a constant part of our lives. Sounds may vary in terms of length, frequency, and intensity, and each quality affects us. Some sounds inspire or uplift us. For example a great symphony, or the sound of your favorite contemporary musician. Other sounds may create anxiety […]

Tribal Connections Inspire Latest Album by The Healing Drummer

I’ve recently released a new album called Tribal Medicine. This CD features healing rhythms that are intended to restore listeners’ hearts and souls as the sensations of the healing drum infuses the body. Tribal Medicine offers inspiration through tribal connections. I’ve been told over and over again that while experiencing the album, a sensation of being […]

World Unity – Wake Up

This blog is the operations central for the HEALINGDRUMMER WORLD PEACE PARTY that will take place December 20th. For the past three years I have ended every event with a few minutes of DRUMMING FOR PEACE. What I mean by peace is summed up in the statement below. I’m not asking anyone to change their […]

Mind Bender – Check This Out!

OK, so as I have been working on expanding and creating my new world for this coming bit of time, I have been pondering the energy of creation, destiny  vs free will. I have been pondering should’s, and supposed- to’s. I found this and I am not sure if it helped or made things more confusing? […]

International Sound Healers Conference

It was my pleasure this winter to escape to sunny Santa Fe New Mexico to present at the International Sound Healers Conference. In addition to being exposed to some great healing modalities and a wonderful sponsoring organization I had the opportunity  to jam with a group of vendors in the booth area. I played with Flutes, Gongs, a […]