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New Moon!

Changing of the Seasons I’ve been enjoying fall on the East coast- sunny weather and bright bold colors. The last great show of color before winter sets in!  Being here and seeing this times perfectly with the arrival of the Libra Super New Moon tonight – which marks a time of balance, harmony and peace […]

Healing The Earth

This month I would like to focus attention on healing the Earth. Watching the devastation of the Gulf Coast here in the US brings strong awareness that as inhabitance of this planet we need to rally our forces and bring healing to the other beings that share this great earth with us. I hear all kinds of […]

Content Reframe!

OK so I am on my way to the airport this morning. It’s snowing so I left a half hour early in case the roads were bad. I drive a little sports car that sucks in the snow. Well I leave home the roads are good so I’m zipping along about 80 thinking about the […]