New CD Release – World Unity

On Jul 8, 2008, at 12:45 PM, Tobias Christensen wrote:

“WORLD UNITY” is by far Toby’s best work yet!

This CD is a collaboration of instruments from all over the world. Stings from the Middle East, drums from Asia, Africa, India, the powerful Didgeridoo from the land down under and some amazing melodies all combine to promote world community. Here is what Toby has to say about his new work.

“This CD is dedicated to the Peacemakers of the world. It is dedicated to those who realize that we are held in the loving arms of the universe and if we are to survive, no, THRIVE together, then we must begin to act peace and harmony in each and every thing we do. We must act peace with the air, the water, the land, the animals, and with each and every one of our human brothers and sisters as well as the planet herself.

May we all find through this music the ability to focus on our similarities so strongly that we have no time to fight about our differences!    WORLD UNITY is WORLD COMMUNITY”

Please help us create WORLD COMMUNITY and purchase a CD for you and a friend or two! We are offering some pre- sale to our HealingDrummer family first so go to to purchase your CD’s today.

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  1. Tammy W. August 4, 2008 at 7:01 am #

    Having recently discovered renewed interest in my Reiki practice, I incorporated some of Toby’s recordings in a session. Specifically, from ‘Four Doors Open” I started with “Chakra Awakening” and followed with “Euphoria”. While it is not unusual to utilize background music for the purpose of setting mood and keeping track of time, this was the first time I’d utilized these tracks specifically.

    Point being, I can attest to an amplified experience for both patient and practitioner. Thank you Toby, for providing these tools for healing. We’ve benefited from the amplification which the addition of your music has provided. I look forward to experiencing your latest offerings.

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