Music Friday ~ Angel With Long Black Hair

I Met An Angel With Long Black Hair

Angel - Great fun inspired song Toby ChristensenThis might seem funny. After all, angels are white airy fairy beings of light. How can there be an angel with long black hair?

Well, herein lies another story from life. It happened years ago in an undisclosed location. I met a woman that totally took me by surprise!

Sometimes Goodness Comes In Unexpected Packages

OK. so there I was working with a group in when a woman came up to me and said, “You need to meet my friend.”

I must have had this “lonely single guy” look in my eyes because everyone was trying to be the matchmaker for me in those days.

Anyway, that evening we all got together and i met her friend, WOW! she was so sexy!

I am not being disrespectful at all. This woman was a power goddess!

When She Spoke Her Voice Was Like Heaven

I expected her to be wild and crazy but as she talked it was clear to me that she was and truly is an angel.

Never judge a book by the cover. I am blessed to have this angel as my friend. Since this song was inspired I have seen this wonderful being help so many people find there goodness.

She is the angel with long black hair.


Here is a sample of the song Angel With Long Black Hair:

1. sample-angel-with-long-black-hair.mp3     


Amps for Angel With Long Black Hair


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Song Credits:

Composer: Toby Christensen

Lead Vocals: Toby Christensen

Background Vocals: Toby Christensen

Instruments: CJ Lambert (lead guitar), Toby Christensen (rhythm guitar, bass guitar, Drums & Percussion)

Produced By: CJ Lambert & Toby Christensen

Engineered By: CJ Lambert & Toby Christensen

Edited, Mixed, & Mastered By: CJ Lambert


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