Long Overdue Update

Well it’s been a while since I did an update. I feel sometimes like I am a super ball bouncing faster and faster between the walls of the world! Sorry of those who do not know what a super ball is. I am dating myself.

Just finished a great trip to the east coast and then on to Cincinnati. The Shamanic training courses are rocking and I am having a BLAST!

I have been hearing so much about the incident with James Arthur Ray I think it is an important issue to address. My heart goes out to those affected by it and the traditions that have become affected by it as well. Regardless of my destain for those who feel as though they know what is right for everybody and feel they have the answer for the world , I do not believe there was intent of harm in that sad incident. Only profound ignorance and irresponsibility. Having had the privilege of studying with many very powerful indigenous teachers I have learned one very important thing. NEVER GIVE YOUR POWER TO ANOTHER PERSON!! Some teachers, especially in the west feel as though they have the entitlement to be a guru. That they in some way know better than you what is your path. I have seen them come and go, I have seen them amass wealth and file for bankruptcy. Have great volumes of followers and then die alone a short time later. Please Please Please own your own power and keep yourself safe in any and all situations. The situation in Sedona was an unnecessary tragedy of overbearing power and egotistical manipulation. Please always trust your own heart and hold your own power!!

I have been and continue to send the rhythm of peace and healing to all those involved.

Peace to you all,


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