Let Go Of The Load – Part I

Let Go Of The LoadLet go of the load - Toby Christensen

If your hands are filled with shit, how can you pick up the gold? Here is a tip, let go of the load!

This seems like a very simple question. But, it is amazing to me how many people live their lives allowing pain, victim-ness, blame, and shame to prevent them from moving forward.  This also prevent them from success or seeing the greatness they are. It is more common than you might know for people who are amazing to let themselves get tricked into thinking they are no good.

The Tricky Sh*t Of The Subconscious

The reason is quite simple; most of the shit that you carry is in your subconscious mind. It has been programmed into you since birth. Sometimes it can become so much a part of your psyche that you don’t even know that it’s there. I would say that 80% of the clients that I have worked with in my 25+-year career have been in some way seriously abused. Many have been sexually molested, others have been brutally psychologically wounded, many physically assaulted and 100% of them are unaware of the impact this has had on their life. The beautiful thing about discovering this awareness is that you can do something about it. Bringing the awareness of this shit into your conscious mind is not about becoming a victim. Also it is nit about having an excuse to hate your parents or blame your siblings for your current condition.

It is about owning what you have been carrying, doing something to get rid of it and then giving yourself permission to realize your greatness.


Let Go Of The Load Toby Christensen coach and mentorThere are three primary aspects of yourself that are the most common in terms of creating problematic dysfunction in your life. The first and most important factor is your mind. Most of what you worry about never happens, which basically means that you are worrying about nothing. However, worry occupies a tremendous amount of time for most people. Not everyone has this issue, only everyone I’ve met so far. When your mind is full of shit, how will you create anything new? You won’t of course! We will break down the worrying in Part II.

Realize Your Greatness

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