HealingDrummer in Arlington VA

I had a great time in Virginia this trip and thanks to my great friend and host Kathy Sampeck I was able to visit one of my favorite metaphysical bookstores in the country, Sacred Circle Book Store. the owners have been so supportive and they always bring in a great crowd.

This trip I facilitated an Elemental Healing Circle! Change your rhythm, change your life! This is a powerful community drumming experience that brings to the surface, the drummer that resides deep within each of us. Part of the process involves each person in the circle the opportunity to drum healing energy for each of the participants and to be drummed by the entire circle. It is a powerful life transforming experience. Here is a clip from that night. Enjoy!

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  1. Elizabeth March 17, 2009 at 9:04 pm #

    Tobey, hello and blessings. I send you my appreciation for that blessed evening at the Sacred Circle in Arlington, when we all could drum together and spend the time afterwards, next door, all enjoying each others’ company, laughter, stories, and great nourishment. Thank you for all that you shared with us that evening. You, your father and your family are in my prayers with gratitude and love. May your journeys be filled with adventure, beauty, love and happiness. This video is great! To be able to feel those hours again…quite amazing. Til the next time, peace&love, Elizabeth

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