Grounded and Rooted: Embracing Earth in the Dagara Perspective

Grounded and Rooted: Embracing Earth in the Dagara Perspective

Embracing Earth

Earth, is one of the five classical elements. It holds a unique and vital place in the worldview of the Dagara people of West Africa. Taught by prominent teachers like Toby Christensen and Malidoma Somé. In their teachings, Embracing Earth is more than just the physical ground beneath our feet. Earth is a profound force that influences our lives, spirituality, and connections with the world.

The Significance of Earth in Dagara Culture

In Dagara cosmology, Earth is not merely a passive entity but a living force. It embodies the qualities of stability, grounding, and nurturing. Toby Christensen and Malidoma Somé emphasize that Earth is considered the foundation upon which life unfolds. Both in the physical and spiritual realms.

Earth as a Source of Nurturing

In the Dagara perspective, Earth represents the loving and nurturing energy that sustains us all. Just as the Earth provides us with food and shelter. It also supports our spiritual growth and well-being. Malidoma Somé teaches that the Earth is a source of abundance and wisdom. By connecting with it, we can find balance and harmony in our lives.

The Five Elements and Elemental Balance

Both Toby Christensen and Malidoma Somé stress the importance of balancing the five elements—Earth, Water, Fire, Mineral, and Nature—in our lives. Earth is seen as the foundation, providing stability and grounding. Water represents our emotions and intuition, Fire symbolizes our passion and creativity, and Mineral embodies our intellect and communication. Nature is about magic and transformation. Balancing these elements leads to a harmonious and holistic life.

Connecting And Embracing Earth

Toby Christensen and Malidoma Somé advocate for a deeper connection with Earth through various practices, including meditation, rituals, and ceremonies. Grounding exercises, where individuals visualize their roots sinking into the Earth, are common in Dagara teachings to help one find stability and reconnect with their true selves.


From the Dagara perspective, Earth is not just a physical element but a sacred force that nourishes and sustains us on multiple levels. By acknowledging Earth’s significance and connecting with it, we can find the stability, grounding, and nurturing energy needed for a fulfilling life. Earth is not merely the ground beneath our feet; it is a powerful and loving presence that invites us to be grounded, rooted, and connected to the greater web of life.

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By Toby Christensen

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