Create a Welcoming & Nurturing Place of Home with an Earth-Based Ritual

Earth represents the energy of nurturing, abundance, welcoming, and home. As we create a place of welcoming and home, we find our power. As we allow abundance to come into our lives, we attract all of the things we desire: community, support, financial prosperity, good health, and well-being!

A ritual I want to share with you is one that helps us find that sense of “home,” the place where we can openly welcome positive change to come into our lives.

Remember, no matter what the circumstances are in your life, there are some very real, very powerful, very transformative things you can do to change your life!

Channel Positive Energy into an Earth Shrine

Beautiful Valley with RainbowThe first step is to create an Earth shrine. Find a place in your home where the energy feels good; a place where you like to hang out, a place that feels welcoming. Make a mound of dirt approximately 2 feet in diameter and about 10 inches high. As you work with the dirt, invite the spirit of the Earth to be present and occupy the shine and come to your assistance.

Next, place a flat stone on top of the shrine. Make a circle of ash on the stone, then take some water and pour it on the middle of the stone. As the water washes away the ash, ask for the obstacles to be removed that are preventing you from connecting to the energy of earth: nurturing, abundance, welcoming, and home.

If you cannot build a shrine outside, collect a bowl of dirt and place it on a yellow cloth. Ask the spirit of Earth to occupy the shrine as if it were outside. Without the stone or water, ask for the obstacles that prevent you from connecting to the energy of the Earth to be removed.

Then watch as your life begins to change. Every day for the rest of the month, go to your Earth shrine and express gratitude for three or more things in your life!

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