Drumming and Yoga In jamaica with Moses Brown!

Yoga to the Beat of the Healing DrumI had a blast in Jamaica playing the drum while people engaged in all kinds of amazing postures! Moses Brown and I worked through the Five Element Rhythms as Moses pointed to the Medicine Wheel on his t-shirt.

It is times like this that I am really glad I drum for yoga more than I actually DO yoga. For me it is much easier to stand and work my hands than engage my whole body in the postures required for enlightenment.

Moses Points out the Elemental Image on his T-shirtI LOVE the way Moses teaches. As he tricks you, with his infectious smile and charm, into having your body do things it is not used to. He then holds you in that position by telling you some amazingly engaging story. Before you know it, you are actually stable in the posture. Then before you know it you are in agonizing pain and laughing as Moses delivers the punch line to his story and moves to the next seemingly impossible form which he then courses you into trying. This process builds confidence and most importantly opens the heart to allow your intrinsic goodness to shine brightly in the world.

I am so grateful Moses is in my life and we will be doing some fun workshops this year in the DC area, Park City Utah and next year back in Jamaica so stay tuned for the yoga action with the HealingDrum!

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