Coaching Tip Of The Day – Expand Your Perception

When You See Something New How Do You Respond

Someone told me I don’t need to wear a suit for my coaching tip videos. They said “Just Be You”. Guess what… This is me! In all my years in business I have worn a suit more than I have been casual.

Board Shorts Or Board Room

I have been a buyer for Nordstrom, An executive VP, I have owned a coffee company that has been thriving since 1994 and owned a restaurant. I love what I do now and it is the collaboration of all my experiences.

What I appreciated about the comment about the suit is that I realized that my presentation was outside of the perception this person had of me.

Limit Or Expand

I began to think of how I respond to new perceptions. Here is a video that might help you expand when faced with new perceptions.

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