Coaching Tip Of The Day – Stupidity

This Will Shock You

Stupidity is the power that overrides the rational mind and opens to the possibility of the impossible.

The most stupid person I have ever studied is Steve Jobs!

Wait….. Because he was stupid enough to think he could change the world.

As you study the creation of Apple Steve was one of the most criticized and reviled people in the computer industry.

Stupidity Reversed

What some refer to stupidity they are actually referring to GENIUS!

Sometimes they appear the same. It just depends on ho you are looking at the situation.

It depends on your level of optimism.

Rational Thinking Can Kill Genius

Rational thinking often finds all the ways something won’t work. Tis doesn’t mean you ignore the data, it just means you regulate the power it has.

Which is stronger your dream or the data! Be smart, have a dream and have a strategic plan of action.

Check out this Coaching Tip Of The Day! Have fun!

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