Coaching Tip Of the Day – State The Problem Simple And Clear

State The Problem Simple And Clear

There are so many problem solving techniques and many of them are so complicated. Any time you are bringing transformation to a situation you must identify the problem. If there is no problem there is no need for solutions. So be clear and simple. In business and life to achieve success we need motivation and inspiration to fuel your forward progress. To move forward you need to know what is preventing you from moving there.

Once You Know The problem You have Reduced Stress and Anxiety

Because after that comes the solution. Don’t spend a bunch of time on verbiage and details. Whats wrong?

  • I am pissed off
  • We need more customers
  • I want more business
  • My employees are not taking work seriously
  • My team is not working together

These are simple problems.

The Next Step Is To Generate Solutions

This is the fun part, solutions. This is where things start going our way. When we make the shift to focus on the solution, inspiration goes through the roof and innovation takes on new forms. Transformation occurs when solutions are the focus so keep it simple and clear when it comes to what you want to avoid and get ready for fun when its time for solutions.

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