Coaching Tip Of The Day – Price vs Value

Price Is Different Than Value

What something costs and what it is worth are two very different things. The cost of something does not necessarily determine its value.

I recently attended a workshop that I paid quite allot of money to attend. It was worth 10 times what I paid for it. When I made the commitment to attend I had no idea that I would get so much value from the teaching and material.

How Do You Determine Value?

I look at this as: “What are the long term results that I can quantify.” Just because I have an experience at an event does not mean it was worth it.

Value to me is the measurable results I get that are in alignment with my desired outcomes.

What iIs The Most Important Thing For You

When it gets down to it, the results you achieve are the key to everything. Something is valuable that moves you towards your dreams and desires. The things that bring inspiration and motivation.

When we set our experience aside and look at results, we know if we have invested wisely. Then we can determine how we can bring valuable situations to those we work with.


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