Coaching Tip Of the Day – Positive Self Talk

Positive Self Talk Can Bring Sunshine To Any Rainy Day

Turning a bad day around is all determined by one thing… Positive self talk. What you focus on you feed. This is pure physics.

If we look at the power of positive thinking we see a concept that has been around for 100 years or more in western culture. It has been around for thousands of years in the east. As a coach that helps people bring their life and business into alignment with their desired outcomes, inspiration and motivation are energies that are very valuable and cannot be achieved with a negative mindset.

Solutions Feed The Fire

A solution oriented outlook is key. The transformation of a negative situation requires productivity and problem solving. Shedding a new light on a situation to bring it into alignment. As a result productivity accelerates and most of all, things get done! The way you talk of your situation is the way you feed it. Solutions require positive talk and thought.


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