Coaching Tip Of The Day – Perspective

How Important Is Your Business?

Most entrepreneurs spend a ton of  time worrying about their business.

I get it. We have no guarantees, no security except the results of our work.

We wear 10 hats at once and hold a tremendous responsibility for our family and those we work with.

Perspective Is Everything

Most of the time our business really boils down to the way we make money.

Yes making lots of money is cool! Fulfilling and rewarding!

But compared to family, health, friends and other aspects of quality of life. Money is down the list a bit.

$200,000,000 Stroke

A man I know, a father of a friend worked round the clock importing oil. He would go days without sleeping, ate like shit and made MILLIONS.

Then he had a stroke, now he cannot talk and needs 24 hour care. Was it worth it?

He would give it all back to have his health returned to him.

Keep things in perspective!


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