Coaching Tip Of The Day – One Hit Wonder

In It For The Long Haul

Sometimes fast growth means fast decline. The Baha Men won a grammy their first year on the charts and we have never heard from them since.

Think sustainability with your business.

When I lived in Portland Oregon there was a women sportswear company that was doing a great job catering to women of all sizes. They would always say…”If we could only get on Oprah, business would be so wonderful!”

Guess what, one afternoon Oprah Winfrey was talking about working out and mentioned that she found this great sportswear out of Portland Oregon she said it was the greatest sportswear she had ever worn! Guess what…

5,000,000 hits in 4 hours, server crashed, too many orders to fill, people pissed off because they could not place an order and Bankruptcy 6 months later.

Fast Growth If Not Planned Wisely Can Be A Nightmare

Plan your growth

Create the container you desire to fill and create a strategy for its sustainable growth

Don’t be a one hit wonder!

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