Coaching Tip Of The Day – No More Excuses

What Are Your Excuses?

It is so easy to come up with excuses to not do what is important in our lives and business.

When I am coaching my clients, I always listen for the excuses they make why things are not working. Then I look for the solution.

The most important way to overcome excuses is to find motivation, inspiration and innovation. These are the problem solving keys!

No More!

Excuses keep you stuck. As a motivational speaker it is important to recognize what is hindering productivity and congruence. Then the key is to get people and companies moving!

The first step is to quit finding reasons to fail. The work can be hard! It takes effort and focus. It takes action.

Next it is creating teamwork. Sometimes that is a few coaching sessions and sometimes it is getting a project team together and working through the challenges and finding the solutions.

Productivity is the key. Problem solving is the answer.

Focus On The Goal

Keep your eyes on the prize.

The better focus you have, the clearer the vision you have, the easier it is to get you back on track.

And keep you there!

The 4 Pillars Of Success

Motivation, Organization, Visualization and Execution


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