Coaching Tip Of The Day – How Far Ahead Is Your Vision

Do You Vision 1 Year Ahead?

When you think about your life are you holding a vision for the coming year? Or… 3 years….5 years?

I have found that for me, 1 full year works best for me.

One Year Works Great!

For me, a plan that consistently looks 12 months ahead works best. I have made some big changes in my work over the past few years and this 12 month plan works to keep me on track and in the moment.

When I was in the athletic shoe business we had to be 12-24 months ahead. For many entrepreneurs things are changing so fast, 24 months is about as far as the eye can see.

M.O.V.E. Will Help Your Vision

The best way to plan your way forward and establish a crystal clear vision is M.O.V.E.

Motivation, Organization, Visualization, and Execution! It is by far the best program available to get, and keep you on track.

Check it out CLICK HERE This is a day that will change your life forever! M.O.V.E. provides you with the tools you will use years ahead to create your dreams!


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