Coaching Tip Of The Day – Does Your Education Matter?

What Is Your Formal Education?

Then again, what is your practical education? Formal education is good but don’t let the lack of it scare you away from success.

Many people who have brought great innovation to the world have been college drop outs. Steve Jobs for example.

Your Results Are Your Creds

The results you get for your clients are what adds value to your work. The best education and diploma from the best school is worthless if you can’t get your clients the problem solving solutions they desire!

Your productivity is your measure. Your satisfied customers are your best advertising.

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This day long program will work as a template to keep you motivated, organized, keep a clear vision and give you a plan of execution to achieve your desired outcomes!

Smart Is Not About Books

You can have the best books and the best DVD series and a certificate from the best institutions in the world and not achieve success. But if you have the four pillars of success down tight you will succeed!

  • Motivation
  • Organization
  • Visualization
  • Execution

These four pillars are the foundation for success.

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