Coaching Tip Of The Day – Busy Getting Nothing Done

How Can You Be So Busy And Get Nothing Done?

This is a very common syndrome. It works like cable TV 300 channels and nothing on. It is because, when you are busy it does not mean you are being productive!

There is a huge difference. Just because your body is moving does not result in proactive results. The key is to have the things you do supper the things you want to create. Now we are talking.

Clear Focused Intention

As a coach I have many coaching clients come to me with productivity issues. They are working so hard but a exhausting their motivation and their inspiration is nonexistent. They need to reduce stress and get into problem solving mode before they crash. Success can be fleeting and solutions elusive, which crushes morale.

Energetic Transformation

It is how effectively you use your energy, not how many hours you use it that determines the results. Check out this video and if you need some help, shoot me an email and lets see how I can help you.

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