Coaching Tip Of The Day – Blogs

Do You Post Blogs?

Posting blogs is one of the best ways to build content. When people find you it is important to let them know as much as possible about you.

A blog is a simple way to do it.

Should I Use Video Or Just Written Word?

I think that is up to you. I like video, mainly because I hate to type and I love to talk!

For me it is the easiest way to get my content and I have all the equipment to do it.

If you are going written word rule of thumb is 300-500 words. NO MORE!

Video, a few lines and on to the video. Your peeps will only give you so much time so honor it.

The Key Is Content

Content, content, content! Tis is the key.

Content = Visibility and connection to your prospective customs or client.

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