Coaching Tip Of The Day – I Believe…

I believe Is A Simple But HUGE Question

When you address thing question, do it with no filters, I believe… complete the sentence

This exercise was suggested by my coach David Martin who is a brilliant executive coach and strategist.

I started it, thinking that is was kind of silly. But the more I asked myself this question, the deeper I got into clearing out things I didn’t realize I believe and then supporting the things I want to believe.

I did it every day for 21 days. WOW!

What you believe influences the way you think and feel. This is turn influences the way you act and react to situations.

What Do You Believe?

Try this exercise for a week and see what happens. Write down the first thing that comes to your mind. If you get stuck, wait and listen, the next thing will come for sure.

I do thins exercise in my M.O.V.E. program and the results are amazing. It allows us to go very deep into the problem solving aspects that will increase productivity, inspiration and motivation.

Knowing in a deep way will help you break through difficulties and find solutions to your most difficult situations.

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