Coaching Tip Of the Day – Bad Habits

Bad Habits Are The Undoing Of Success

You cannot eliminate bad habits, you must replace them. The way you spend your time doing and thinking are mostly trained behaviors.

You develop a pattern of behavior because it suits you, serves a purpose or satisfies a longing or desire. Sometimes these patterns are helpful and other times they can be not so helpful.

How Long To Replace A Habit?

Some experts say 21 days, some 90 days and others say 66 days. I’m not sure, but I usually figure if I do something consistently for a couple months I am pretty dialed into a new behavior. The important thing is to realize that you cannot get rid of a habit you must replace it. Take some time and figure out what you would like to change in you life and what you would like to replace it with. Then DO IT! One day at a time. before you know it, you have a new habit!


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